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MÍSIA – FADO DIVA (Portugal)


Legendary musicians

Monday, 2006 December 11th, 8 PM

Latvian National Opera


MÍSIA – FADO DIVA (Portugal)

and her ensemble


Presentation of the new CD Drama Box in Riga



Mísia, her gaze hot as blood, round as pearls, salt as the sea... Her glowing, velvet, amber-brown eyes share the strange glow of steel plate heated red-hot. All the knowledge of a woman and all the innocence of a little girl; passion and play,

laughter and tears…

Miraculous and mysterious, stirring and poetic, attractive and luminous… such is Misia, an exceptional fado singer who, since her first album release under Detour label, Garras Dos Sentidos, then followed by her passage at the Olympia in October 1998 and January 1999 (14th & 15th of January), has imposed herself as an essential figure of the international musical scene.

Born in Porto, Portuguese by her father and Catalan by her mother, Misia chose her stage name in honor of the famous Misia Sert, muse of Mallarmé and friend of Proust and Picasso. Descended from an artists lineage – a grand-mother music-hall dancer, a mother ballet-dancer – she naturally turned towards an artistic career with in her mind this irrepressible desire to sing Fado, this nostalgic and stripped song, so powerfull and intense.

If Misia respects the orthodoxy of this art, so deeply indissociable of the Portuguese culture, she also knew how to renew it fundamentally, enriching the tradition with new literary references, by setting verses from poets of the past, or having songs especially written for her by contemporary artists.

A voice always inhabited by the spirit of fado, this music full of spirituality which is not less physical and from where burst out nuances of the more intimate feelings which only require to be set free and sung. Delightful.



A leading voice for latest fado in world music

Daily News


            …the eternal sounding voice of who is probably today's most important Fadista

Süddeutsche Zeitung

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11.12.2006  20:00
Latvian National Opera

MÍSIA – FADO DIVA (Portugal)

Drama Box


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