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LO’JO (world music ensemble, France)

Un printemps français

Friday, 2007 May 25th, 8 PM

The Centre of Modern Culture Sapòu fabrika                                                                


LO’JO  (world music ensemble, France)


LO'JO present their wise bazaar, their shop filled with odds and bits, perfumes, unusual treasures: 15 acts of sound poetry and rhythmical images, bunches of hymns, arabesques, games with magnetic consequences…

LO'JO arrive wrapped in voyages,  from Saint Petersburg to Vancouver, from Cilaos to Johannesburg, from Cracow to San Francisco, on the road to all the paths and cracks, in the fragrances of capitals, in the sound of the rain under the tent of an old Czech circus or behind a bonfire when the moon is full...

French songs from the world, music of a world, contemporary alchemy that resonates, rhythms ridden bare back with naked dreams flying above …


Lo'Jo play a high-class multi-cultural pop, which takes in French chanson, rock and Arabic or African influences, a mix that made them a huge success at WOMAD.

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25.05.2007  20:00
The Centre of Modern Culture Sapòu fabrika

LO’JO (world music ensemble, France)
LO’JO (world music ensemble, France):BAZAR SAVANT


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