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WDR Big Band Cologne (Germany) & Intars Busulis

Saturday, 2008 September 27th, 8 PM

Great Guild Hall


HBF and Goethe-Institut in Riga present


2006, 2007 Grammy award winner

WDR Big Band Cologne  (Germany)


Michael Abene, principal conductor



The WDR Big Band Cologne serves as a group of musical ambassadors. Grammy awards in 2006 and 2007 and numerous Grammy nominations over the years reflect the band’s international acclaim, which continually evolves and strengthens.

The WDR Big Band Cologne develops and performs new programs in many styles. This concept—linking different cultures through music—plays an integral role in the selection of the band’s projects.

The WDR Big Band’s unique ensemble sound stems from each musician’s distinct personality as a soloist. Whether working with their principal conductor Michael Abene, or with various guest conductors, composers, arrangers and guest soloists, the WDR Big Band Cologne embraces the world of jazz and jazz-related music—including Latin jazz, world music, fusion and cross-over.


Michael Abene has been the Principal Conductor of the WDR Big Band in Cologne, Germany since 2004. He has written music for varied commissioned productions which reflect his deep musical knowledge and inspiration. In several jazz-blogs Michael Abene is sometimes found to be compared to “a chameleon”. He has an astonishing adaptability for composing and arranging in very different styles. Michael’s far reaching tasks such as Professor of Jazz Composition at Manhattan School of Music, conductor, composer, arranger and producer serve to make Michael Abene so very diverse and unique.

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27.09.2008  20:00
Great Guild Hall

WDR Big Band Cologne (Germany) & Intars Busulis
That is not just a Big Band from Cologne!This is a real ambassador of the country named Jazz!


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