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Juan Carlos Cáceres & Tango Negro Trio (Argentina)


Tuesday, 2009 August 11th, 8 PM

Dzintari Concert Hall


Juan Carlos Cáceres & Tango Negro Trio (Argentina)




Juan Carlos Caceres – piano and vocls

Carlos Buschini – bass and double-bass

Marcelo Russillo – percussion 

Davide Pecetto – bandoneon


Tango Negro take us on a trip in time in order to give back to Tango ’s strong popular music roots, born from the fusion of tribal rythms, brought by slaves in chains, with European music and marches. At the end of this journey we will find Murga, cousin of the Brazilian march, Argentinian Milonga, Candombe, Habanera - the black soul of tango that tends to be forgotten and repressed in Argentina. With his smoky and lascivious voice Caceres sings about daily life in Buenos Aires, of homesickness and exile and the wounds of time, thus creating an irredescent web of musical-historical cross-connections and socio-political reality. A passionate performance, a journey into the history and universe of Tango that carries the audience on unknown paths while sharing a convivial mood.


Paris based singer, trombonist and pianist Caceres offers an idiosyncratic look at tango, infused with jazz and a far cry from the Piazzolla version. The music is lush and deceptive, offering what on first hearing might seem light and easy, but upon closer inspection reveals itself to be quite unique and complex. Caceres is often compared to Paolo Conte, not only for his vocals, but for his sly arrangements and delivery.

                                                                                                Roots, UK


Caceres sings, plays and paints the roots of Tango and brings back its real colour: black.

                                                                                                     La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno





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11.08.2009  20:00
Dzintari Concert Hall

Juan Carlos Cáceres & Tango Negro Trio (Argentina)
Juan Carlos Caceres – piano and vocls, Carlos Buschini – bass and double-bass, Marcelo Russillo – percussion, Davide Pecetto – bandoneon


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