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Jevgenija Lisicina

Yevgenija Lisicina was born near Moscow in a family descended from Tula armourers, grew up in the Urals. Her father passionately wished a musician’s career for his daughter. She herself dreamed of the organ, which seemed to her a mystical instrument for the chosen ones.

Having finished a music school in Sverdlovsk, she entered the piano faculty of the Leningrad (St. Petersburg) Conservatoire named after Rimsky-Korsakov, class of Prof. Vladimir Nielsen. Once organist Mark Shakhin took the new student with him to a concert in Riga. There, Yevgenija heard the Dome organ and got acquainted with the patriarch of Latvian organists – Nikolajs Vanadzins, her future professor. She left her piano studies and entered his class at the Latvian Conservatoire named after Jazeps Vitols (nowadays the Academy of Music). Being a student, she gave more than 40 concerts, recorded a disc and got the Tchaikovsky’s scholarship.

Thus, Mrs. Lisicina linked her life with the mighty building of the Dome Cathedral and its organ – a majestic instrument.

“The Dome Cathedral is the face of Riga. It was built and rebuilt together with the whole town, burnt down and rose from ashes anew. It is impossible to imagine Riga without it. The more I play here, the deeper I understand that something good is happening to people. How many people have been here! It is evident that the walls of the Cathedral have absorbed everything that people have said and felt during centuries. But playing its organ gives you such a delight! It is a divine instrument forming an acoustic, meaningful, emotional and philosophical entity with the building within which it lives”, says Mrs. Lisicina.

For many years, she has been cherishing the dream of playing in the Dome all Bach’s works composed for the organ in one cycle. She succeeded at last in making her dreams come true in 1999 – 2001. She devoted the cycle to the 315th anniversary of Bach and the 800th anniversary of Riga. By the way, she does not think she belongs to any school of organ music: “For me there exists just one school – that of Johann Sebastian Bach”.

Mrs. Lisicina’s immense repertoire consists of all J.S.Bach’s organ compositions and many masterpieces by M. Reger, C. Franck, F. Mendelsohn, F. Liszt, O. Messiaen and Latvian composers as well. As a rule, organists are also improvisers and composers. Mrs. Lisicina does not compose, yet creates wonderful organ arrangements of orchestral masterpieces. “The organ has the same possibilities as an orchestra has,” – she thinks - “and well-known orchestral works obtains new amazing qualities when arranged for the organ. I myself derive a great satisfaction from it”. By the way, her arrangement of “The Four Seasons” by Vivaldi played during her concert tour in Italy was a success and became a great event. She is the author of several transcriptions for organ, such as Gloria by A. Vivaldi, Pictures from Exhibition by M. Mussorgsky, The Ancient Suite by A. Schnittke, cantatas and orchestral pieces by J. S. Bach and L. van Beethoven.

The organist is a laureate of M. Ciurlionis’ International Competition of Organists (Lithuania, 1968).

Mrs. Lisicina has been performing in many European countries (Germany, Italy, Belgium, France) and in the concert halls of the former Soviet Union as well. She has been participating in many international music festivals abroad.

In 2002 she dedicated a concert cycle to the 110th anniversary of her teacher Prof. N.Vanadzins. There were 9 concert programs in the cycle including masterpieces by Bach, Vivaldi, Reger, Franck, the works by French, Russian and Latvian composers and Bach’s Musikalisches Opferas well.

Mrs. Lisicina has recorded over 20 long-playing records and 4 CDs.

- All organ compositions
- Musikalisches Opfer
Orgelwerke der Familie Bach

- Zweite Sonate d-moll op.60
- “Wie schön leucht’ uns der Morgenstern”, choralphantasie op.40 No1
- Introduction und Passacaglia d-moll
- Introduction und Passacaglia f-moll
- Phantasie für Orgel über den Choral “Ein’ feste Burg ist unser Gott”
- Phantasie und Fuge für Orgel über BACH
- Kyrie eleison, Gloria in exelsis, Benedictus, Melodia, Canzone, Scherzo and other pieces

- Trois Chorals
- Grande Pièce symphonique
- Prélude, Fugue et Variation

- La Nativité du Seigneur
- Livre d’orgue

A.Guilmant           - 5-ème Sonate

- Pièces de Fantasie
-         3-ème, 4-ème suites
-         Deuxième Symphonie

C.Saint-Saëns           - Préludes et Fugues

- Variations sur un Noël
- Prélude et Fugue g-moll

J.Guillou                - Colloques No2

- Fugue
- Choral

L.Boëllmann           - Gothic Suite

J.Roger-Ducasse      - Pastorale

J.Reubke                - Sonata, The 94th Psalm

- Fantasie f moll
- Andante,  Fuge

O.Lindberg           - Sonate g-moll

- 6 Sonaten
- 3 Präludien und Fugen

- 6 Orgelkonzerten op.4
- 6 Orgelkonzerten op.7

F.Poulenc              - Concerto en sol mineur

-  Toccata Festiva op.36
- Adagio

J.Reinberger           - Sonate e-moll 

D.Buxtehude        - Praeludien und Fugen

N.Bruhns               - Praeludien und Fugen

- Fantasie und Fuge über “Ad nos, ad salutarem undam”
- Fantasie und Fuge über BACH
- Variationen über “Weinen, Klagen…”

O.Merikanto           - Passacaglia op.80

W.Middelschulte   - Passacaglia d-moll

K.Slavicky             - Fresky II, III

Padre Davide da Bergamo - Sinfonia col tanto applaudito inno popolare

J.Sibelius               - Finlandia

Latvian composers’ music (J.Vîtols, Alfr.Kalniòð, M.Zariòð, J.Karlsons etc)

- Fantasia
- Prelude and Fugue

D.Shostakovich   - Passacaglia from the opera “Katerina Izmaylova”


J.Lisicina’s transcriptions for organ

- Le 4 stagione
- Gloria

- Pictures from Exhibition, for organ and piano
- Pictures from Exhibition, for organ and 14 percussions

A.Schnittke            - Suite in ancient style

J.Vîtols                  - The Bard of Beverina

F.Poulenc              - Concerto en sol mineur, for organ and piano

S.Barber                - Adagio

E.Grieg                  - Introduction for “Peer Gynt”, for organ and piano

M.Ravel                 - Pavana, for organ and piano


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29.12.2018  19:00
Riga St. John church (Sv.Jâòa baznîca)



19.04.2011  20:00
Riga Dome Cathedral



01.07.2008  19:00
Riga Dome Cathedral

Inga Kalna (soprano), Yeugenia Lisitsina (organ)


07.10.2006  20:00
Riga Dome Cathedral

Hamburgische Staatsoper soloist Inga KALNA (soprano)


11.05.2005  19:00
Riga Dome Cathedral

Antonio Vivaldi – THE FOUR SEASONS. Yeugenia Lisitsina (organ)


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