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The Project title – VET alternative opportunities for young musicians’ better integration into labour market

Project number - 2016-1-LV01-KA202-022695

Duration period – 01.09.2016.-31.08.2018.


Herman Braun Foundation together with partner from Estonia OSAUHING ERP and partner from Sweden The Real Group AB is starting the project MUSICVET to combat youth unemployment.

Youth unemployment is a common challenge for European countries, and there is a necessity to modernize VET programmes in the music field, because young musicians are in the risk group for unemployment. The activities will be carried in three partner countries: Latvia, Estonia, and Sweden. The target group of the project is VET learners in the field of music from the age 14 till the age 24.

As for composition of the partnership Latvia always was known with its brilliant music traditions, the names of Latvian musicians like G.Kremers, M.Majskis, E.Garanca are known through all the world, as they are leaders in their profession - in music. In the same way Estonia has P.Vaahi and Sweden has strong vocal traditions and various brilliant names (ABBA). These potential and professional skills have to be developed in the future through modern vocational training programmes. 

The project is conforming such European priorities as improving achievement in relevant and high-level basic and transversal competences in a lifelong learning perspective and further strengthening key competences in VET curricula. The project will promote work-based learning in all its forms, with special attention to apprenticeship-type training. Activities foresee practical workshops in mixed groups with high class field professionals in learning rooms and audio studios, so learners’ professional skills for further work will be improved.

The intellectual output of the project is elaboration of alternative learning programme modules for VET learners in the music field, and approbation of the programme in VET educational institutions.

Main results of the projects suspected be the following:

- improved professional skills in music through apprenticeship approach;

- proposed innovative VET learning programme modules for VET learners;

- improved key and transversal competences of learners concerning foreign language skills, entrepreneurship competences, and ICT skills;

- raised effectiveness and improved flexibility of VET learning with the proposed module for individual plans for learners;

- raised employability of young musicians by providing practical learning modules.

The new learning programme will give long term impact on the target group, and further could be used in all VET institutions in different artistic fields.



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